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Dear rare follicles, sudden hair growth can be certainly alarming. Has a number of obvious reasons and sometimes, you can identify there is no specific cause. This time you are with your tendency to advice on matters, points. The only way really to find behind the growth of hair is a doctor to see-especially as hair growth, fairly recently, he was released. Additional body hair primarily as a cosmetic problem, but could be achieved in underlying health concerns. Children, most people has been refined, colourless hair on his body. During puberty, the follicles are stimulated causing it to grow this hair and dark, clear and hedgehogs. How to walk these hairs depends strongly on the sex than genetic background. Hair growth is actually of ethnic groups, of European descent, Middle East, Mediterranean and South Asia, sounds like the most hairy and those with Indian, African, Asian and Latino sports heritage less body hair is different. It is common that women do not have the hair color, although on her face, chest, back and other areas. Sometimes called called HIRSUTISM, male pattern baldness hair can be a number of causes associated with Androgen levels in your system or your hair follicles to androgen sensitivity. Here are a few: drugs. Some drugs cause increased growth of hair, including medicines that contain a birth control and cortisol. Polycystic ovary syndrome. Ovarian cysts are a very common disease and irregular periods, profit growth and weight hair. Cushing's syndrome. Cushing's syndrome good pro testosterone is a condition that occurs when your body into high cortisol is a hormone that is produced by the body in response to stress. Cortisol is also in some medications and can alter the balance of hormones in the body, which can cause HIRSUTISM. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia. This condition leads to increased production of cortisol and testosterone adrenal glands that are inherited. Tumors. Hirsutism can be caused by androgen secreting tumors of the ovaries or adrenal, although one of the few causes. Can find peace, speaks with a member of a health profession. Regardless of the cause, if it bothers you, there to examine a range of options for hair removal. On the other hand, it's a myth that shaving causes hair growth; This is the simpler and less expensive. For less money are tricky to grow pushing, pinching and waxing. And for permanent disposal, there are laser treatments and electrolysis. In addition, there are some drugs that can affect hair growth. And find that the cause of a new body hair can help, from may the hair lift also helps to solve the underlying problem. Social messages to the appearance of the perfect female body are strong and numerous. The idea that women should be completely bald (except of course in the lead) is unfair and unrealistic. Can cause pain to many people pelose. So banal and stereotyped as it sounds, there is nothing wrong with your hair-people are mammals, after all. Yes or Yes, see below for more information about the treatment of the hair. Good luck,.